Monday, December 2, 2013

Portrait: Eminem

Ambika and I had come up with plenty of people to do for our portrait. Some of our other options were Ed Sheeran, Harry Potter, Moose from the Step Up movies, and others. We had more of a difficult time trying to come up with the material of the project. We came up with beans and buttons and that's about it. I thought it'd be easier to make someone out of a round object so we stuck with that. We ended up doing Eminem out of M&Ms because of the play of words. When Eminem first started getting into rap he actually went by M&M because his intials (Marshall Mathers) and over time it turned into Eminem. I originally thought this project wasn't going to take this long but once we started it seemed like we were never going to finish. Gluing down the M&Ms themselves didn't take long at all, it was the spraypainting that made this project so long. First you had to spraypaint it then you had to wait about 40 minutes for them to dry and you had to do some over again because the spraypaint would crack. By the time the M&Ms were ready, it was time to clean up. Another challenge was getting the right color. We tried painting the M&Ms first with acrylic paint but that did not work out well. Another problem we ran into was that we didn't have many options of spraypaint to add value. We had to end up using no value but I think it looks really good anyway. If I were to do the project again I would make the nose smaller and bring the lips down a little. Besides those two things, I'm very pleased with how Eminem turned out.