Art 2 Final Portfolio

1.  The project I was most successful with was my pointe shoes because I am not practically good at drawing but I did a really good job at drawing them. I think choosing the pencil as a medium was a good choice because I had more control and was easier to erase. The theme was what's the point and I chose something simple but it turned out really well. The contrast in the drawing was really well done. In order to make it as best as I possibly could, I practiced drawing it three times. I find it harder to draw big so each time I drew it, I did it a little bigger to get more comfortable with the size. My pointe shoes didn't originally have a shadow but Mr. Sands said it would make it look better cause it was too empty. I wasn't sure how to do the shadow at first but I do think it looks better with rather then without.
2. The project that was most challenging was the nontraditional portraits. Ambika and I decided to do Eminem out of M&Ms. I thought it would be easy to make the M&Ms different colors but it was not. We had to spray paint the M&M then let them dry for about 30 minutes. We had to spray paint outside in the cold which was also a challenge. We were not allowed to add shadows cause we did not had enough spray paint colors so it was difficult to figure out how to separate his nose and his neck from the rest of his face. It was also very hard to have self control and not eat all the M&Ms but I will admit to eating more then a few. I was scared to use the hot glue gun because I thought they would melt but it was fine. Although challenging and time consuming, I loved how this project turned out and was my favorite to do.
3. For my stingray, it shows growth because I used a new medium. I used the charcoal chalk and I think I did a good job of blending all the colors together. I decided to make the stingray an unrealistic color because I wanted it to pop out more. I thought if I did a realistic color, it would be dull and boring, and I'm glad I made that choice. I also choose the blue background not cause I also thought it made the stingray pop.
For my sticky situation, it showed growth because I went out of my comfort zone by doing a painting. I also made people and even though they weren't particularly realistic, it was also out of my comfort zone.
4. I liked the new way of teaching because this is an art class so you should be able to be more creative and expressive. In art, there isn't a wrong or right way to do anything because it's all about interpretation so I think this new technique was really good at putting that point across. Sometimes I couldn't think of what to do but it challenged my creativity which never happens in school. For every project you were given a starting point and from there it was all your ideas. I like how you could choose what to do because then everyone had something different. For example, in art 1 I could never make a portrait made of M&Ms or a Hollywood sign. In art 1, you were very limited in what you could make and how you made it. Everyone's project was basically the same.
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