Monday, February 24, 2014

Snapshot 2

Artist Reflect 
I am currently reflecting on my piece and deciding if I should add or change something or keep it as it is. I don't know if I should fix the part where I didn't go with the shape of the pear or of its not that big of a deal. I also am considering adding a shadow. 
Artist Collaborate
Michelle is also doing a pair of pears so we made sure ours didn't look too much alike. She went a a completely different direction but we were still able to help each other because its still the same idea. I also asked the other people at my table what they thought frequently and they helped me make a choice for the background color. 
Artists Solve Problems 
I couldn't figure out what color to do the background. I used oil pastels to test put what colors looked better with the green.  I narrowed down my options but I was still wasn't sure. I accidently made a playful orange and was going to do that color but then changed to a playful purple because purple is my favorite color. 

Monday, February 10, 2014


Artists Collaborate
At the beginning of each project, we discuss as a table and throw out ideas. This helps because someone else's idea may inspire you or make you think of something new. Throughout my work process I've asked the people around me what they think and if they have any suggestions. It has helpful because I'm really indecisive so another persons opinion can help me decide. 

Artists develop art making skills

I made a painting because I've never done shading in one. In order to make anything look realistic you have to shade it correctly and the pears was a good choice to practice that. I also like how you can mix and create the colors when you use acrylic paint. 

Artists Communicate Through Their Work
Although I do like looking at others people out of the box art, I personally have a less is more mindset. The Pair of Pears is simple but you can do so much with it at the same time. You can make it elegant and sharp or more abstract. You are still able to show yourself through the idea. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Text Art

For my text art thumbnail I did a cartoon version of Ed Sheeran with some of his song lyrics behind him. Originally, I was going to make his hair out of the lyrics but I drew him too small so the words weren't legible. 


For the tension project I did a girl walking on rocks. It shows tension because if she's not careful she'll fall and get hurt. She has to be very slow and cautious to get across without getting hurt. I remembered seeing this picture and writing a poem about it so I decided to use for art as well.