Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Snapshot: Time

    In this flower project I'm taking risks because there's no guarantee that the plants will grow. I personally do not have a green thumb-every flower I've ever gotten has died the next day. It's also tricky because I'm doing it at school and can't keep a constant eye of them, especially during the weekends. I did the project despite that it may not work because if it does work it'll be really cool. I hope it does work out and I have extra seeds that I could use to try again if it doesn't. 
The concept of life and death really fascinates me and also confuses me. Your parents bring you into this world without your consent and you live life trying to make something of yourself just to end up dead. This projects reflects and shows the cycle of life and the mysteries. 

I don't think I have reflected during this project at all. As this project continues I can begin to reflect and analyze the project. For my next project I can think about what I'm doing and if its going to work instead of just kinda winging it. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014


On Wednesday I watched the origami video. I was really impressed by all the people that pretty much devoted their life to origami. I didn't know that you could make so much things with a piece of paper and make it realistic too. I attempted to make some origami but I would get confused and move on. I did make star and a pocket type thing which turned out well though.