Art 3 Portfolio

My most successful project was my news project. I really liked the idea of my project and it turned out really well. I was nervous at first cause I've never drawn a person before and a lot of people aren't good at it. I spent a lot of time working on different aspects of a face using a facial expression book. I'm glad I decided to do this project though because it's one of the best I've done. For this project I used charcoal which I'm not too experienced with. I did a project with it last semester but that's the only prior experience I had with charcoal. I think I could have more value in my drawing but I was scared to use the 6B because if you mess up there's not much you can do to cover it up. I used darker values in the neck and the hair but not much on his actual face.
Do Over
If I could do any project over it'd be the time project. I really like the idea but I got lazy with watering the plants and I should've used shorter plants so it'd be easier to read. I would also like if the letter were more spread out and bigger. I think it'd be cool if I had planted the seeds at different times so they'd all be at different stages of life at the same time. If I did this project again I would put them in the sun more but it was kinda hard at school because you're more restricted. 

 I enjoyed working with duct tape as a medium the most. It was easy to use and move around which was good because we had to completely redo the P. I loved this project and it turned out really well. It was actually a good thing we couldn't use chalk because I don't think it would look as good as the duct tape. I wish I had mixed traditional and nontraditional mediums in my work. I really liked what Brittany did with her parallel project. She used paint or water color I think but added yarn and other nontraditional mediums and it all looked really good together. Using both adds a new element and feel to the whole piece.

I liked the blueberry warm up the best. We had to draw a blueberry then chose any color for the background. Different colors gave the piece a different mood. We did this warm up twice and the first time I chose an orange color which made the mood angrier. The second time I chose green which gave it a calming feeling.  

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