Monday, February 24, 2014

Snapshot 2

Artist Reflect 
I am currently reflecting on my piece and deciding if I should add or change something or keep it as it is. I don't know if I should fix the part where I didn't go with the shape of the pear or of its not that big of a deal. I also am considering adding a shadow. 
Artist Collaborate
Michelle is also doing a pair of pears so we made sure ours didn't look too much alike. She went a a completely different direction but we were still able to help each other because its still the same idea. I also asked the other people at my table what they thought frequently and they helped me make a choice for the background color. 
Artists Solve Problems 
I couldn't figure out what color to do the background. I used oil pastels to test put what colors looked better with the green.  I narrowed down my options but I was still wasn't sure. I accidently made a playful orange and was going to do that color but then changed to a playful purple because purple is my favorite color. 

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